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Frequently Asked Questions - Home

Which D-Line should I select?

Product selection should consider the volume of cables being concealed.  Check the D-Line dimensions provide sufficient capacity for your requirements. When containing mains voltage cables, 45% of capacity should remain unfilled for air circulation and heat dispersion. Note product dimensions are external dimensions – please consider trunking wall thickness is typically 1mm; in other words 30x15mm trunking will have internal dimensions approx. 28x13mm.


Profile Size

Possible Application


Popular speaker/telephone cables/bellwire


2x Co-ax/2x 2.5mm Twin & Earth/3 Cat-5 cables/2x 2.5mm 3c flex cables


3x 2.5mm Twin & Earth/2x 4mm Twin & Earth/3x 2.5mm 3c flex cables


Up to 6x popular HDMI cables


Up to 8x popular HDMI cables


2x Co-ax/3x Cat 5 cables


3x 2.5mm Twin & Earth

Any tips for measuring up?

Remember to leave space (between D-Line lengths) to accommodate accessory required.  Use the accessory as the template.  Pencil mark the surface and the length.  After installing the lengths, then inserting the cables, the Smooth-Fit Accessory will retro-fit into the space(s) you left.

If using Clip-Over Accessories (currently only available for Mini Trunking and ¼ round Trunking/Floor Trim) the gap does not have to be precise, but ensure the lengths are spaced so the rear tabs will grip i.e. the lengths are not too far apart!  Clip-Over Accessories will fit over the gaps you left.

Any tips for cutting D-Line lengths?

For best results use a junior hacksaw and - if preferred - cutting block to help keep blade straight.  If using Smooth-Fit Accessories a straight cut is important, so the accessory can fit neatly up to the length.


If using Clip-Over Accessories (currently only available for Mini Trunking and ¼ round Trunking/Floor Trim) cutting and measuring doesn’t need to be as precise, as the accessories allow a 10mm tolerance.

Pictures show the click-lock at the top side. Can it be at the base instead?

Yes, an installation can be reversed, but the lid then no longer acts as a cable retainer.  Installers usually prefer the hinge at the base, so cables are not dropping out along the way!

How many times can the hinge be opened?

D-Line lengths can be opened and closed thousands of times, making it easy to later add or remove cables if required. The hinge is tensioned so it is not too stiff or slack, making D-Line easy to handle.

Can you rely on the self-adhesive for permanent fixing?

For Micro, Mini and ¼-round D-Line lengths - the tape gives a strong bond so take care before securing to the surface.  It is possible that tapes can eventually lose effectiveness as adhesive elements vaporise over time but we have known lengths stuck to smooth clean surfaces (by our self-adhesive) for many years.


If using a profile larger than 40x20mm (such as our TV drop 50mm x 25mm) then because of the greater weight and strain on the tape, we always advise installers to also use a secondary fixing (wall plug & screw) spaced every 30cm.

Can D-Line be drilled?

Yes. We know some installers prefer to drill and screw-fit. This is recommended for profiles larger than 40mm wide because of the greater weight and strain on the tape.

What if there is a gap between the length and an accessory?

With care and attention to measuring and cutting this should not arise.  However any gaps can be filled using decorators caulk or similar.

Any tips for painting?

First gently scuff the surface using a fine sand paper or similar abrasive, and then apply paint. The paint adheres better to a scuffed surface.  Usually 2 coats are required.

Our stainable ¼ round Trunking/Floor Trim requires no preparation before applying wood stain.

Can D-Line be bent?

The Micro lengths will bend on a gentle radius and the Mini also but not much! (D-Line ¼ round/Floor Trim will not bend)

Can D-Line be used outside?

While D-Line is designed for indoor applications, we know it is often used externally.  It is UV stabilised so will not discolour or turn brittle in sunlight. It is stable between -30 degrees C (-22 F) to + 60 degrees C (140 F).

Lengths are also splash proof, and will repel rain.  The accessories however are open backed (they fit over the cables) so will let in water, but this is often irrelevant if there are no exposed electrical connections and the lengths are covering insulated / sheathed cables only.  To make the installation splash proof (IP65) any gap behind an accessory can be sealed with silicon.  Also length lids can be glued for vandal resistance.

What 'green' credentials does D-Line have?

D-Line utilise only virgin plastics to achieve greatest control over production quality.  Our manufacturing processes are lead-free.

D-Line lengths can be recycled.  Our lengths are produced from a combination of two types of plastics, namely PVC for the base and lid, and TPE for hinged material.  As such, it cannot be reconstituted as a purely PVC product.  It can however be micronised and used in floor matting for example.

D-Line accessories can be fully recycled.  The material can be used over and over again in the same form.

Can D-Line be installed around bay windows?

For ½ round lengths or ¼ round lengths, in our accessories range we offer 90 degree bends.  Bay windows (with 45 degree or greater angles) can pose a problem as, because of the way the lid functions, once closed in this application then lids will not easily open.  

To fit D-Line lengths around a bay window we suggest (after measuring) mitring the lengths, so cutting special (45 degrees or greater) angles that match your bay window. A good tip is to practice cutting the desired angles on spare pieces to ensure the right fit.

Next close the lids and insert the cables before the lengths are fitted – if necessary use a drawstring to insert the cables.  

With the lengths cut specifically, and the lids closed with the cables inside, the lengths can be stuck into position using our adhesive-backing.  If any gaps occur we advise they be filled with decorators caulk.

Can D-Line lengths be used to hide entry / exit cords to Cable Tidy Units?

Yes, if a Cable Tidy Unit is against a wall D-Line lengths are the perfect solution for this query!

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