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Frequently Asked Questions - Workplace

Are D-Line products easy to install?

Yes! Most don’t require the installer to come into contact with any electrical circuits and have been designed to negate the need for any tools.

If desired D-Line trunking can be cut to length with a junior hacksaw. Trunking can also be drilled and screw fixed, but generally this is a preference rather than a requirement.

How to cover cables on floors?

D-Line Floor Cable Covers provide quick and safe solutions to hide & protect cables running across floors, so eliminating a common trip hazard.

  • Light Duty Floor Cable Cover is ideal for areas of infrequent foot traffic. The cavity (17x9mm) can accommodate 2x 8mm diameter cables (or similar). Available in both 1.8m or 9m lengths - which can be cut to required length.
  • Medium Duty Floor Cable Cover is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. There is a choice of cavity sizes:
    • 14x9mm, for 2x 8mm diameter cables or similar
    • 30x10mm, for 3x 8mm diameter cables or similar. This size comes in a choice of black colour, or black with 2x yellow hazard stripes.
  • 2 compartment (each 13x12mm). Ideal for running power & data cables side-by-side.
  • D-Line Medium Duty Floor Cable cover is available in both 1.8m, and 9m lengths. Our Floor Cable Cover is uniquely linkable, simply push connector rods (supplied) into holes to join lengths, pull apart to release.

All D-Line Floor Cable Covers have a pre-split back; simply push the cables through the pre-slit back into the cavity. The ribbed back means no double-sided tape is required for the majority of situations.

All D-Line floor Cable Covers are made from flexible PVC, so lay flat once uncoiled from packaging or storage.

Certified to BS EN 60670-1:2005.

How long does it take for D-Line Floor Cable Cover to lay flat?

No time at all! D-Line Floor Cable Cover is made from flexible PVC which means it instantly lies flat when uncoiled – unlike other brands which can take 24+ hours to flatten, or some which have to be boiled in water before use!

What lengths of D-Line Floor Cable Cover available?

Both Light Duty and Medium Duty Floor Cable Covers are available in 1.8m and 9m lengths.

D-Line Medium Duty Floor Cable cover is available in both 1.8m and 9m lengths, and is uniquely linkable. Simply push connector rods (supplied) into holes to join lengths (pull apart to release) and create runs as long as required.

What cavity sizes are D-Line Floor Cable Covers available?

  • Light Duty Floor Cable Cover is ideal for general use. The cavity (17x9mm) comfortably accommodates 2x 8mm diameter cables (or similar).
  • Medium Duty Floor Cable Cover is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. There is a choice of cavity sizes:
    • 14x9mm, for 2x 8mm diameter cables or similar
    • 30x10mm, for 3x 8mm diameter cables or similar. This size comes in a choice of plain black, or black with 2x yellow hazard stripes.
    • 2 compartment (each 13x12mm), ideal for running power & data cables side-by-side.

How to hide wires around a customer service terminal/till?

For cables originating from a single point such as a computer monitor, Cable Tidy Tube provides a quick & effective solution. This pre-split flexible tubing can accommodate multiple cables, creating a sleek, professional appearance. Available in black or white 1.1m lengths, UV stabilised so won't discolour, halogen free and certified to BSEN 60695-2-10:2001.


If the terminal has several cables going to different appliances such as a monitor, card machine, printer, phone etc. our Cable Tidy Wrap offers a versatile answer. The wrap can expand up to 40mm in diameter, allowing for multiple cables to be enclosed. Cable Tidy Wrap also allows cables to enter/exit at any point along its length – great for multiple appliance terminals. Available in black & white 2.5m lengths, UV stabilised.


If the terminal has cables running along a solid side/wall D-Line’s patented trunking is ideal. Each length has a strong self-adhesive backing for easy application – lengths can also be drilled and screw-fixed if desired. The hinge and click-lock lid make it simple to add or remove cables as appliances are renewed. The smooth, half-round design creates a subtle appearance while no sharp corners means it is ideal in customer areas. Being a single piece hinged-lid design means that the lid will not come off. The impact resistance of the hinge means it stays securely closed, even if bumped or knocked. All D-Line trunking lengths are UV stabilised, easy to cut, stable between -30°C to +60°C, and satisfy BS EN 50085-1:2005. Available in white, D-Line trunking can be painted; simply key the surface with fine sand paper before painting.


If the terminal also contains electrical extension blocks D-Line Cable Tidy Units can be used to hide both the socket block & excess cables... creating a tidy, safe, professional workstation that is safe for staff and customers.

How to stop staff getting feet caught in cables under desks!

We know how easily feet can catch cables under desks, pulling out connections and causing down-time while the disconnection is found and restored, or cause damage to cables and equipment.

D-Line created the Cable Tidy Unit to hide either 4-way or 6-way extension blocks & excess cabling in a safe, neat, low-cost way.

Cable Tidy Units are manufactured from robust and electrically safe ABS material. Each Cable Tidy Unit has 3 rear cable entry/exit points, allowing for ergonomic use. All have been fully safety tested.


Cable Tidy Units can team perfectly with D-Line Desk Trunking. This trunking is a unique semi-circular shape and a strong self-adhesive backing - so installation is quick & easy!

The single-piece design features a durable hinge, and click-lock lid, which allows cables to be added or removed as required. The semi-circular profile & flexible hinge gives impact resistance. The trunking can be adhered to the inside of desks creating a smooth, enclosed pathway for cables, meaning feet cannot get entangled.

How to keep power & data cables separate in D-Line Trunking.

A self-adhesive divider can fit inside D-Line trunking. This divider is fitted to the interior base of the trunking while the lid is open, allowing for both data and power cables to run side-by-side without interference. Once the trunking lid is closed the divider is not visible.

How to stop phone/laptop adaptors falling from reach!

Cable Tidy Bases – These are made from an ultra-flexible material which grips adaptor ends & keeps them where you want – rather than falling from reach.

The Bases are self-adhesive, for easy peel & stick installation.

How to keep cables organised while on the go!

Cable Tidy Band is reusable with hook & loop design, so can simply wrap bundles of cables. Release the Band when required, then re-wrap when set to move again!


Cable Tidy Twists are a quick, low-cost solutions. Their simple yet highly effective design holds onto coiled cables and keeps them in place during transit – great for laptop extensions or phone charger cables.

"Après avoir acheté une unité D-Line, nous avons maintenant quatre pointillés autour de la maison - et le bureau trop" ... "Acheté ce pour cacher le câblage pour montage mural TV. Parfait pour le travail, et quand il est peint pour correspondre au mur, il disparaît" ... "Il a un bon système de clip, articulation ouvert pour accepter les câbles, facile à couper, l'auto-adhésif fonctionne bien - Incroyable" ... "Rapide à monter. Facile à installer des câbles. Nice et soigné et bientôt à peindre." ... "Excellent produit laissant fini sans propre et l'encombrement." ... "Très facile à couper et à être auto-adhésif, pas de temps à installer." ... "D Line est la chose parfaite pour le passage des câbles AV de votre télé à votre installation multimédia." ... "Les accessoires sont faciles à monter et même un débutant ne peut pas aller mal." ... "J'ai installé le système D - ligne en quelques minutes et le résultat était exceptionnel." ... "Grand produit, super service, prix, que puis-je dire?" ... "Rend mon regard de projet de bricolage vraiment professionnel. Semble très propre et bien rangé."

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